About Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting (CMG Consulting) was founded by David Tong in 2006 and was formed to provide a comprehensive range of Classical Feng Shui, Bazi (Destiny Analysis), Date Selection, Qi Men Dun Jia Luck Enhancement as well as other Chinese Metaphysics consultancy services for both individual and corporate identities in Singapore and anywhere in the world.

In 2013, a couple of major milestones were reached.  Firstly, David was the first and only Feng Shui consultancy firm to be nominated and conferred the Asia Excellence Award 2013 .  The Asia Excellence Award is a prestigious business accolade that serves to recognize the entrepreneurial elite in Singapore and the Asia region. It is to promote and honour our local self-determined entrepreneurs whom possess entrepreneurial spirits, operating sound and prudent management. It is given to companies in recognition of the quality products, commendable services rendered to the consumers and its contributions for the economic development of Singapore. 

Secondly, on the very same year, David also also confered The Wedding Accolade 2013 Award ( under the category of “Best Wedding Geomancer” ). This award  is recognized as the highest honour and most prestigious accolade ever awarded to a merchant in the wedding industry and is only presented to the most outstanding wedding merchant that has demonstrated pinnacle of customer satisfaction and organisational service excellence. The winners have gone through an extensive selection process involving nominations made by their previous customers, mystery shoppers and surveys before they eventually emerge as winners. 

In 2014, David was awarded the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award 2014 by Dr. Lily Neo, Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC. This award is to honor the innovation and courage of entrepreneurs, and to showcase the best SMEs our country has to offer.

At CMG Consulting, we are committed to provide you with world-class consultancy services using our results-oriented techniques in Chinese Metaphysical science.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions to improve your life as well as to achieve greater success and happiness through the practice of authentic and results-oriented Feng Shui and Bazi (Destiny) Analysis.

We are the first and probably the only Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore to provide a complete Feng Shui Wedding Package for the newly weds. Our popular “Eternity” package offers a comprehensive range of services required for your wedding and new home at an affordable rate.

Our Principal Consultant, David Tong, is a multi-talented individual. He is the first and only Feng Shui Master in the world to combine Chinese Metaphysics, Conjuring Arts/Magic and Technology to create a truly unique Feng Shui seminar/talk that is informative, entertaining and memorable, guaranteed to bring success to any of your events.



  • All our quoted consultation fees are nett. There are no hidden fees or selling of any form of crystals, jades or Feng Shui ornaments to you to mark up the consultation fee.
  • Unrivalled after sales service. After the consultation, you are welcome to contact David directly via email anytime if you have any questions or doubts. No third party, receptionist or salesperson to liaise with. David will directly handle all queries to make sure you get the fullest attention.
  • We do not practice any form of chanting or prayers.
  • We do not instil superstitions and cultural beliefs into our consultations.
  • We do not sell Feng Shui products or Crystals of any sort; neither do we encourage it.
  • We offer solutions that are practical and effective, without burning a hole in the pocket
  • Our Feng Shui implementations are blended invisibly into the interior design and layout of your house; we do not clog your home with Feng Shui products or crystals.
  • We have a proven track record with an exceptional long list of satisfied clients who are happy with our service and consultations. Check out their testimonials here
  • We are here to help you with a genuine heart and a deep passion for what we do.



Your privacy is important to us. All your information will be dealt with in strict confidence. We do not reveal your name or information to anyone without your consent. Please view our Confidentiality Policy page for more information.

For consultation services, please contact us at 98299670 or email to: david@cmgconsulting.com.sg for a no obligation enquiry and quotation.

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  • CMG Consulting provides the following professional services:

    Fengshui Consultation
    Bazi Analysis
    Dates Selection

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