Overview of Destiny Analysis

What does the future hold for you? If you have the answer, wouldn’t it empower you to control your lives and shape your destiny?

Bazi (Destiny) Analysis, commonly known as 4 Pillars Of Destiny in the West, is a sophisticated system of Chinese Metaphysical science to predict a person’s destiny. It translates a person’s year, month, day and hour of birth into four pairs of Chinese characters called Jia Zi (甲子). These four pairs make up eight characters or what is popularly known as Bazi (八子). From the Bazi, the luck pillars that govern a person’s life can be derived. By using the 5 elements theory and studying the inter-relationships between each character and the luck pillars, a person’s destiny will be unveiled.

Why is Bazi able to predict a person’s destiny? Is it just a superstition or belief? The basis of Bazi lies in the fact that it is a form of Chinese Astrology. At the moment when we are born, we are subjected to the influence of stars, planets and constellations in the solar system. In the old days, ancient sages studied and observed the patterns and behaviour of human beings that were born under different stars configurations and based on statistics and experience gathered, they develop methodologies and formulas to predict a person’s destiny. These techniques were refined over numerous generations to reach the high level of precision and accuracy today. The study of Bazi is both an art and a science. There is nothing religious or superstitious.

The history of Bazi dates back to Han Dynasty of Ancient China, where it was first practiced on a primitive level. During the Song Dynasty, a man by the name of Xu Zi Ping revolutionized this method and improved its accuracy. His work was later published in a famous classic called Yuan Hai Zi Ping (淵海子平). This system of Chinese fortune telling was very popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and even up to this day, it is widely used by Feng Shui practitioners worldwide.

At Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting, we help you to decode and unveil your destiny. By understanding your own destiny, you are able to minimize pitfalls and make better decisions, hence achieving greater wealth, success and happiness in life.

Having done thousands of readings over the years for different clientele ranging from students, young couples, executives, professionals, expatriates, businessman, CEOs and even celebrities, David is one of the foremost Destiny Analysis Consultant in the market today. The accuracy in his analysis and predictions had garnered him rave reviews, testimonials and popularity from his clients and public forums.

We provide the following types of Bazi Consultation:

  • Bazi Analysis for Individual
  • Bazi Analysis for Corporate
  • Bazi Analysis for Baby

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