Bazi Destiny Analysis for Baby

“Will my child excel in his studies? Is my child suitable to become a doctor or lawyer? Will my daughter have a loving husband? Why is my child keep falling sick? Will my child be rich and successful in the future?”

These are just some of the questions most parents have after child birth. Our Baby Bazi Destiny Analysis consultation offers you the answers to the above questions, plus much more…

Since the day the baby is born into this world, his or her destiny is already fixed. How many husband she will have, or if he will be successful in life, can be determined from his or her birthday and time of birth.

You may ask “Why do we need to know all these now?” “Is it too early to find out?” The answer is “No”. In fact, now is the best time because with all these answers, we can make informed decisions. We can guide him or her from young and help them make the right decisions, rather than to waste time and regret later.

For example, a lot of parents like to send their children to learn piano or ballet during young age. But are they really keen to learn all these? A lot of times we realize that after they grow up, they might give up or forget everything they had learnt during young age, thus resulting in loss of both time and money, not forgetting also the time and effort we spent bringing them there every weekends. In fact, from their Bazi, we can determine if he or she is more artistically inclined or have a more analytical type of personality. If he is the analytical type of person with weak artistic skills, it might be better to send him to learn some other types of relevant skills, rather than piano or art.

Another good example how Bazi destiny analysis can be used is to guide them to study the right subjects in school. Let’s think back. Most of us, when entering polytechnic or university, do not know what we want or what to study. We basically either see what our peers enroll in or see what the “in thing” is at that moment and we follow the crowd. It is only after we get our degree and enter the workforce then realize that we had made a wrong decision and studied a subject that we have no interest in. And in order to change line, we have to study another part time degree again! As you can see, a lot of time and money is wasted, so why not get it right the first time?

In our Baby Bazi Destiny Analysis consultation, the following aspects of a baby’s destiny are decrypted, analysed and presented to you:

  • Study luck
  • Character analysis
  • Suitable subjects to study to prepare for future career
  • Wealth potential
  • Business luck
  • Partnership suitability
  • Marriage & romance luck
  • Potential health problems
  • Luck cycle (the Ups & Downs of his/her life)
  • Auspicious colors, directions and numbers
  • And much more …


  • Full name
  • Birthday and time of birth
  • Gender
  • Birth country


  • Baby Bazi Consultation Fee: SGD$300


Payment will be in the form of Cash or Cheque during meetup


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