Bazi Destiny Analysis for Corporate

During Imperial Dynasty period, a person’s Bazi or Astrology Chart was used to apply for a post in the Imperial Magistrate. The Imperial Astrologer would then calculate and analyse the person’s character, ability and destiny from his Bazi (Destiny) Chart before selecting the most suitable candidate.

In today’s world, this is replaced by a CV. A CV is basically a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills. Anyone who had worked long enough knows that a CV can be easily faked. How many times have you hire an employee based on their CV, only to find out that he or she is not suitable for the job? By then, it would be too late. For that reason, it is important to find out their true character, personality, potential and other details not revealed in the CV before the hiring process to determine if he or she is suitable for the job.

This is where our area of expertise comes in. We specialise in the modern application of Bazi (Destiny) Analysis for business and organisations.

Our services include:

    • Destiny profiling for recruitment of new employees
      Using interviews or aptitude tests to determine an applicant’s personality and character can be inaccurate. An experienced applicant can fake his way through the selection process and the organisation will end up hiring the wrong person. We can help you by analyzing the applicant’s Bazi to chart out their character, talents and suitable job functions. The applicant’s luck cycle will also be calculated and explained to you. Luck cycle refers to the ups and downs of our lives and it is very important that the employees you hire for certain job functions are in good luck cycle. For example, it is critical to hire a CEO or sales team that is in the good luck cycle. If complemented with the correct personal characteristics and talents, it will ensure that they will bring in lots of business for the organisation.
    • Character profiling of employees
      A person’s Bazi Chart will reveal his character, talents and suitable job functions. With this piece of powerful information, the HR department can plan and allocate its staffs to fit certain job openings so as to maximize their job satisfaction and hence improve productivity of the organisation.
    • Allocation of team members and team dynamics
      How many times have you encounter a team whereby the team members cannot get along with each other? Bazi can be used for the allocation of employees to different teams in order to maximize cohesiveness so as to increase productivity of the team.
    • Suitability of partnerships
      A successful partnership is beneficial for an organisation. However, life is not fair. Not everyone is suitable to go into partnerships. For those who are not suitable, the partnership will eventually break up and risk losing a huge sum of money. Let us help you find out if you are suitable to go into partnerships before you embark on this make or break journey.


      • Birthday and time of birth of the employee
      • Gender
      • Job designation and scope


      •  Please contact us for a quote as the fee depends on the types of events/occasions


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