Other Date Selections

Date selection can be used for any purpose and occasions, especially for those events that you deemed as critical or important.

Some other events that date selections can be used for include:

  • Grand opening ceremony
  • Starting of new business
  • Launching of corporate campaign (such as marketing promotions or trade shows)
  • Signing of contracts or agreements
  • Overseas traveling for business trips
  • Activation of Feng Shui cures and implementations
  • Activation of wealth sector
  • Ground Breaking
  • Job interview
  • Surgery
  • Bed shifting and positioning
  • Door tilting, changing and positioning
  • Renovation of any part of the house
  • Any other events…

If you require any date selection services for events not listed above, feel free to contact us on how we can help you.


  • Please contact us for more information as different events require different information


  • Please contact us for a quote as the fee depends on the types of events/occasions


Payment must be made in the form of Cash or Cheque during the meetup after the consultation

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