Annual Assessment

The Chinese has a popular proverb “Feng Shui Changes With Times (風水輪流轉)”. This reflects the cyclical nature of Feng Shui. Qi changes yearly; therefore every house or property will experience different Feng Shui as time changes.

If the Feng Shui of your house turns good for a particular year, you need to know when and how to harness the good Qi to bring about good health, wealth and success in life. If it turns bad, you need to know when and how to avoid or minimise the different types of bad Qi so as to prevent serious repercussions that may arise from it.

An Annual Assessment is similar to a yearly investment to improve the Feng Shui of your house, which in turn improves the quality of your life

  • Avoiding area of the house that will bring problems (wealth, health, relationships etc) to the residents. Remedies will be suggested to minimize/cure the problems.
  • Activating and maximising usage of areas that contain good Qi to support your current endeavours.
  • Activating wealth sector of the house for the year (if appropriate).
  • Forecasting of events that might happen to your house so that you can make informed decisions and plan your life for the year accordingly.


  • Annual Assessment Fee: SGD$300


Payment must be made in the form of Cash or Cheque after the consultation.

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