Onsite Property Selection

If you are purchasing a new property that is already built, this is the best time to select one with good Feng Shui. Purchasing a new property is a huge and long-term investment. Imagine how frustrated and disappointed you will be when you realize that after moving in, everything is not going smoothly. It can be problems relating to your health, career, business or relationships. These are in fact symptoms of a house with bad Feng Shui. In the worst-case scenario, the only remedy would be shifting out of the property completely. So why not get it right in the first place?

Our services include onsite selection of new or resale properties such as houses, HDB flats, apartments and condominiums. It includes:

  • Ensuring that your property is located in an area with good Feng Shui
  • Ensuring that your property faces a good direction and supported by proper external landforms
  • Ensuring that your property receives auspicious Qi at the main door that will bring luck to the occupants
  • Avoiding any Sha Qi that might bring long term problems to the residents

Bear in mind that this is not a full Feng Shui internal audit of the property. This is to provide you with relevant information so as to assist you in making the right choice when purchasing a new property.

  • Date and time of birth of every occupant in the house
  • Floor plan and estate site plan of the new property (if available)


Onsite Property Selection: SGD$300 per trip

Payment must be made in the form of Cash or Cheque during the meetup.

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