Luck Enhancement using Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

Consider these scenarios:

  • You have an important million dollars deal that is coming up next week
  • You have an important exam tomorrow that will determine your future career path
  • You are going for a court case whereby the odds are against you
  • You are going for a critical surgery next month which may be life threatening
  • You are going to propose to your girlfriend but not sure if she will accept the marriage proposal
  • You are having an important meeting tomorrow and you need to impress your superiors
  • You are going for an interview next week for your dream job but your chances are slim
  • You are having an appraisal next week with a boss that is biased against you
  • You are going on a first date with your dream girl and you need to make a good impression on her

Do you wish that you could have all the luck in the world during that particular moment so that everything can turn out smoothly

If your answer is “Yes”, we have the solution.

Using a highly sophisticated and secretive Chinese Metaphysics technique known as San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (三元奇门遁甲), we are able to create short term luck to give you an upper hand in whatever “battle” you will be facing in the next few hours. David will not only advise you the specific auspicious hours but also the direction you should take to approach your “target” so that all the positive energies are embracing you when you reach your destination. What makes this technique so powerful is that even if in the event the meeting time was pre-determined by the “opponent”, this technique offers solution to work around it to make sure the odds are in your favour. In short, the core of this technique is finding the right location and direction in which to commence an action to gain maximum luck.

What separate us from other similar Qi Men Dun Jia techniques used in the market (mostly only for divination purpose) is that we are able to calculate exactly the precise moment when you should “attack” through the “manifestation of certain events & phenomenon”. This is a highly secretive and amazing technique that not many masters practice nowadays.  What this technique does is that we are able to pre calculate way beforehand on the day of the “battle”, what will take place in your environment/surroundings, such as a flock of birds will fly past, pregnant woman crying, a limping or blind man arrives or bells will chime from the West.  When you see this pre-calculated event happening on that day, heaven is giving you a signal that now is the right time (and precise moment) to enter the building for your “battle”. During this moment, you will be embraced with the maximum luck to carry out your endeavors. This system shows that everything in this world is in fact governed by the order of the universe.

For example, if you have an important exam or going to close a major deal in a client’s office or restaurant that is worth millions, David will advise you from which direction to approach that building so that all the positive energies are embracing you. When you reached the venue, you will wait for the phenomenon that David pre-calculated (such as dog barks from the east or lady carrying umbrella arrives) to occur before entering the building. Once you see the phenomenon, you will then enter the building for your “battle”. This increases your luck level so as to boost the success rate in whatever you do.

Furthermore, if you can choose the seat or determine the seating arrangement in the meeting room/inside the building, David can also advise you the best seat to sit while letting your opponent take the worst seat. This further increases your luck one more level to give you an upper hand in your negotiation or meeting.

A Little History about Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia belongs to one of the collective Three Arts/Three Styles (三式), which is China’s highest metaphysical art. It is over 3000 years old and is a unique technique to calculate time and space, and is used to pin-point the exact and precise moments in time to undertake a specific action so as to achieve good luck. There are 2 main systems in Qi Men Dun Jia and our system follows the highly sophisticated Zhi Run Fa (置闰法), which was used mainly by the royal families in the past.

This complex yet powerful technique was used as far back to the Warring State and was used exclusively by emperor’s military strategist such as Zhuge Liang & Liu Bo Wen (key military consultant of Zhu Yuanzhang) to gain military supremacy for their emperors by having an upper hand when conquering their enemies based on astrological calculations.

The most famous story on how this technique was employed was by Zhuge Liang in the Battle of the Red Cliffs (made popular by the movie “Red Cliff” by John Woo) during the end of the Han Dynasty. This battle was fought during the winter of 208/209 AD between the fifty thousand allied forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan against the numerically superior forces (over 1 million soldiers) of Cao Cao. Zhuge Liang, who was then Liu Bei’s military adviser and strategist, won a decisive battle despite all odds against them.  He did this by pre-calculating the arrival of the East Wind using Qi Men Dun Jia so that he can use fire attack on the enemy with the wind blowing in their favourable direction. The fire attack, coupled with the arrival of the East wind, engulfed Cao Cao’s navy in flames and the rest is history. This technique is possible using one of the auspicious formations in Qi Men Dun Jia that generates strong gust of wind.

It was also believed that Liu Bo Wen secured the throne for the Ming Emperor by using Qi Men Dun Jia in his planning.  Our technique follows the lineage of Liu Bo Wen’s Flying Palace Method.

Modern Applications of Qi Men Dun Jia

In modern days, this technique can also be used to maximise your luck for:

  • Closing a major deal
  • Meeting new clients
  • Job interviews
  • Giving an important speech/presentation
  • Starting a new job
  • Marriage proposal
  • First impression
  • Court case
  • Negotiation
  • Important Meetings
  • Sales pitch
  • Surgery/Medical treatment
  • Debt collection
  • Grand opening ceremony
  • And any other important occasions…


  • Date and time of event
  • Type of event
  • Location of event


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