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Caesarean Birth

The selection of caesarean birth date and time for an unborn child is commonly used to ensure that the child will grow up to be the kind of person the parents envision him/her to be and have a good life by fixing the baby’s Bazi Destiny chart (ie, birth date and time). It is even more important to ensure that the child does not “curse” or bring bad luck to the parents the moment he or she is born. For example, ideally we want to select a birth date and time for a son to grow up to be wealthy and powerful and for a daughter to have a good marriage and marry a good husband. Of course in the perfect scenario, we want the child to be good in everything, ranging from having a good career, wealth, marriage, health and good character.

Such caesarean date and time selection involves a very tedious process of calculating every single possible date and time combinations about 20 days before the estimated delivery date (or range of dates as given by the gynae) so as to determine the most auspicious date and time for the baby to be born in order for him or her to own a good Bazi Destiny chart. These dates are not just simply picked from the Tong Shu (Chinese Almanac) as those dates are just general auspicious dates and does not ensure that the baby will have a good Bazi Chart (hence a good life). Those dates are in fact just generic good dates to give birth, that’s all, and this defeats the purpose of a Caesarean birth date selection.

You might be wondering “isn’t this going against heaven’s will”? The answer is “No”. Ultimately, you still need heaven’s “seal of approval”. If it is heaven’s will for you to have a baby born at the selected date and time, you will have it. On the other hand, if it is not heaven’s will, he or she will be born before or after the selected date or time, hence unable to own the selected auspicious Bazi Chart.

During the meetup, David will present to you all the possible birth dates and time for caesarean, highlighted the pros, cons and differences among the selected dates in terms of the baby’s character, career, wealth, marriage, health and luck cycle. A professional report covering these key areas will also be given to you for your future reference.


  • Expected Due Date
  • Gender of Baby
  • Range of Dates the Gynae can perform the Caesarean


  • Caesarean Birth Date Selection: SGD$888


  • Payment must be made in the form of Cash or Cheque during the meetup after the consultation.