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Property Plans Analysis

For those who want to buy a house with good Feng Shui but the property is still under construction or yet to be developed (Eg BTO flats selection, newly launched condominiums or Condominiums that is yet to TOP; or Landed Property), we can perform an audit of the property based on floor plans and estate site plans and advise you the best unit to buy. This analysis will be beneficial for those who intend to buy a property that is yet to be built but want to select a house/block and unit with good Feng Shui.

This is in fact a very important step towards buying a new property. Choose the right Feng Shui property from the beginning and you will save lots of headaches and troubles in the future.

Simply email us the required information listed below and David will arrange to meet up and advice you personally on the best property to buy or invest in.


  • Selecting your house or HDB/Condo/Apartment block that faces a good direction and is supported by appropriate external landforms. Such property maximizes your career and money-making opportunities, harmony within your home and minimizes any potential problems.
  • Selecting a unit/house with the best floor plan. The floor plan of a residence is very important. A property with bad interior floor plan contains many potential problems and when the time comes, it can trigger problems relating to wealth, career, health or relationship.
  • Selecting the best floor based on the occupants birthday and time of birth


  • Floor plan of your property
  • Site plan of the existing or proposed house/HDB/Apartment/Condo block with the given directions.
  • Date and time of birth of all family members intending to stay in the house


  • Property Plans Analysis: SGD$250


  • Payment must be made in the form of Cash or Cheque